Close, but….

No Cigar!

Again, I really liked the route – got to learn some roads I wasn’t very familiar with and see some nice houses 🙂 but I definitely would avoid a couple things also.. like Farmington River Turnpike which turns out to be a dirt road :-O. 


Now that we have the bike computer on your road bike, I won’t need to do this anymore, so this should be total miles on your bike prior to installing the bike computer. Few!

Rachel’s road bike total mileage w/o computer:
131+30.9 = 162 miles
Anyhow, it was lucky that Mema was able to bail us out by picking us up with the truck in Riverton, so that you could make it in time to put a deposit down on your new car!  Good thing, because look how happy you are in it!


2 thoughts on “Close, but….”

  1. what! how come it only says 30.95?? haha I thought your computer said more! Maybe it was from the times you looped back to me….

    that’s nice 🙂 It was a fun ride. I just need some winter biking gloves like your cool ones!

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