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Sweet jumps!

Check out these nasty jumps I found while shredding the trails yesterday.  Soon you’ll have a bike and be able to put some air under your wings with me on ones like these!! 🙂  There were probably 10 in a row with some really funky ones near the end.

1/2 CCRT + NSP Loop

From Nickerson State Park to Wellfleet and back. Plus a loop inside the park and stops for the beach, lunch and ice cream! (Couldn’t do exact route we followed around the pond, but the mileage is close enough! 🙂
Feel free to add the pictures from your phone 🙂

——————————————————Rachel’s Section——————————————————

Ok here we go….

“Good morning, I don’t want to get out of bed, so I’ll take pictures of you instead!”

Yum yum, what a hearty breakfast! Bacon, eggs, and toast.

You prepare for the big ride. Action shot of teeth brushing!

“I’m going to squinch up my nose to make a focused face and show you where we are on the map, even though you clearly aren’t paying attention because you keep taking pictures of me.”

Dang, you look so cool when you get on that bike.

The beach! The calm before the hunger storm. 

Looking radical in my sunglasses with a very wide stance. 
What a wonderful ride! 🙂

The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond

This isn’t actually Loch Lomond, but it just made me think of that kiddie song. Maybe someday we could go to Scotland and take a picture like this in front of the real Loch Lomond!

The wee birdie sang
And the wild flowers spring,
And in sunshine the waters are sleeping,
But the broken heart it kens
Nae second Spring again,
Tho’ the waeful may cease frae their greeting.