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The Heart of the Green Mountains (4)

Today was the most difficult day for me so far.  It was cold and windy when we got out of the tent in the morning, and that never changed.  The morning involved a few decent climbs (and on the flip side, very cold descents) but then the rest of the day consisted of rolling hills along the White River while fighting a constant headwind.

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Second Day, Second State (2)

We both slept great last night, despite some hooting and pecking nearby. When we got up, it was cold and cloudy, but the weather improved as the day went on. Our goal was to start riding early, but it didn’t happen until 10 am. We blame that on our lack of sleep a few nights ago, when we were up until midnight packing and cleaning, then woke to drive to Maine at 4:30 am the next morning after an anxious nights sleep.

We made our first mistake with the route today, and, as a result, rode an unnecessary five miles… mostly uphill, of course.

Shortly after noon, we left Maine and entered New Hampshire. For crossing the first state line our reward was donuts.

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