And So It Begins (1)

After a family sendoff party last night and this morning, we biked to Winslow Park for our departure.

Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Ken were also in Freeport and came by to bid us farewell and good luck.

The mustache had to go so that Chris could be more aerodynamic.
Notice Maddie’s #winner shirt (in case you didn’t know, Smiths are winners):

So far, we’re really happy with the maps that we purchased from Adventure Cycling Association.

Chris was so excited to eat some of the one pound sausage he hauled to our campsite. After climbing 3,850 feet over 52 miles along our route (plus 8 to get to the start) today, we’re very conscious of the weight on our bikes!

For dinner, we enjoyed some orzo and chili that we made with our new Whisperlite Universal camp stove.

The accomodations for our first night were at Four Seasons Camping in Naples, Maine, next to beautiful Long Lake.  as far as campgrounds go, this one was pretty luxurious: water and electric on our site, wifi and 5min showers for only a quarter!


7 thoughts on “And So It Begins (1)”

  1. You should know that the first thing Ian discussed with me this morning was where you might be — so much fun to read along on your adventures! Love you guys!
    P.S. I am like a creepy campfire ghost in that first picture… 😀

  2. Rachel Hogue blogs are my absolute favorite! Congrats on starting this amazing adventure!!!!! Can’t wait to read about it.

  3. Homepage set. I expect hourly updates but will settle for periodic posts.

    Sidenote – did Smitty boy get himself a smartphone for the journey?

    Happy biking, friends.

    1. 60 miles with that much elevation is pretty impressive for the first day! Looks like the temp was perfect for biking. Have fun today

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