Burlington, VT (5)

Today, we took the first major detour from the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier route, but with good reason: the promise of good company and a soft bed on which to rest our weary bodies.

We started our day in Rochester, VT with coffee and huge donuts. A sweet woman pulled up in her car as we were munching on our treats to ask about our trip and provide encouragement based on her own experience riding across the country a few years prior. She said that up ahead, while crossing Breadloaf Mountain, “It feels like you might tip over backwards, but it’s not bad at all!”

Later, when we were huffing and puffing at that very spot, she happened to pass by in her car and gave us a round of honks for additional encouragement.

After that, we cruised down to Middlebury, where we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine at Noonie’s Deli. A girl about to graduate from Middlebury College struck up a conversation with us; it turns out that she and a friend are biking to California starting this Sunday, immediately after graduation.

 After that, we walked over to the falls, where we talked to a few more cyclists and had our picture taken.

Lyle and Ellen, friends of Rachel’s Aunt Alli, live in Shelburne, VT and we had arranged to spend the night with them.

They treated us to a delicious dinner, some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and a tour of downtown Burlington. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Trip stats, to date

  • Rochester, VT to Shelburne, VT
  • Daily mileage: 48.9mi;  Trip total: 279.5mi
  • Daily riding time: 3hr 58min;  Trip total: 24hr 45mi
  • Daily ascent: 2,805ft;  Trip total: 17,406ft


8 thoughts on “Burlington, VT (5)”

  1. 12% !!!!!!! Omg
    You guys are doing great
    If you are riding this-weekend
    Just be mindful of holiday traffic

  2. Are you staying warm enough at night? We’ve had some really cool nights! It was 26 here this morning …. yikes!!

    BYW, is that a new flavor of ice cream?? “Caterpillar cream”?? ha 🙂

    1. So cold! We’ve been sleeping in all of our layers. Haha yes, it’s the cool new flavor in VT!

  3. Woohoo…a day of meeting lots of fun, encouraging people! Remember our visit to middlebury college?

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