Block Island Bike Tour

We camped out at Burlingame the night before. 
In the morning, we ate breakfast at Two Gulls Cafe, and then took the high-speed ferry over to the island with our bikes.
 Our route:

 First an out and back from the dock to the Northern lighthouse,

 Then around the perimeter of the island (with stops for an Arnold Palmer from one of the many lemonade stands and checking out the Southeast lighthouse).

We then stopped for lunch near the dock and afterwards rode back up to Rodman’s Hollow where we hiked to the beach for a swim and a short nap 🙂

Once we were finished at the beach, we rode back down the hill via Old Town Rd and got ice cream while waiting to take the ferry back to the mainland!

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  1. Yup, hope you’re treating your legs well this week and not letting them turn into jelly.. this weekend’s ride is gonna be a doozie! Jk, it shouldn’t be too bad. Did you notice the post label?

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