Tools & Spare Parts

We have been debating whether or not we should even bring tools and parts, because we’re firm believers in the fact that if you bring an umbrella, it won’t rain.  However, we also figure we better play it safe with this one, so we’ve put together a kit that hopefully won’t get much use.  The goal with this kit is to be able to make any repairs on the road (short of major issues) to keep us moving at least until the next town with a bike shop.

  • Tools
    • Chain breaker (Park tool mini brute)
    • Topeak Rachet Rocket
    • Mini flat head screwdriver
    • Tire levers
    • SOG multitool
    • Emergency Tire Boots
    • Patch kit
    • Spoke wrench
    • 4″ adjustable wrench
    • Pump
Tools laid out
Tools laid out
  • Spare parts, etc.
    • 26″ & 700c tubes
    • 26″ & 700c tires
    • Short lengths of chain & master links (9 & 10)
    • Nuts & bolts
    • Chain lube
    • Brake pads
    • Cables
    • Spare spokes (& FiberFix)
    • Grease
    • Loctite blue
    • Derailleur hangers?
    • Light gauge wire
    • Spare cleats & cleat bolts
    • Zip ties
Spare parts laid out
Spare parts laid out


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