Beware: Llama on Guard (60)

It was still cold and drizzly this morning, so we took some extra time to relax and wait for it to warm up.  We left Taylor Park Reservoir and headed down into Gunnison Canyon, which provided gorgeous views of enchanting forests and formidable rock as we wound down along the river. 



 As we coasted along, we passed numerous campsites in incredible spots that we would have loved to have stayed at.  We can’t complain, though; it was nice to get a shower last night!

After leaving Gunnison National Forest, we entered a new, more barren and dry landscape, before stopping in Gunnison for lunch.

 We then rode through a wind tunnel called The Curecanti National Recreation Area.  

We certainly understood why wind surfing was shown as an activity on the sign for The Bay of Chickens on Blue Mesa Reservoir! 

Despite the headwind, the area was beautiful, and there were no storms for the afternoon, which was a nice change.



Dillon’s Pinnacles
Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Rachel got her second flat today, during a big descent into a canyon between The Blue Mesa Reservoir and Cimarron.  The culprit this time was a large stone which pinched the tube against her rim.

After one last climb, we delighted in a big downhill to the campsite- a great way to end the day! 

The campsite has a general store, where they make an assortment of homemade pies.  We tried the blackberry and the chocolate cream and were very pleased.

Behind the store is a small pasture with some sheep, goats, and one llama.  We learned that llamas are often used to defend the sheep.  Sure enough, something had Daisy the llama on edge that night, and she was patrolling the pasture, ready to confront any intruders.

Trip stats, to date (Day 60)

  • Bailey, CO to Cimarron, CO
  • Daily mileage: 75.7mi ;  Trip total to date: 3,692.7mi
  • Daily riding time: 6hr 20min;  Trip total time: 319hr 44min
  • Daily ascent: 3,791ft;  Trip total ascent: 177,374ft
  • Flat tires: Rachel – 2; Chris – 1

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