Back to Work

This work I don’t mind going back to 🙂IMG_0003It was nice to get over to the pond and finally resume this project.  I used the table saw(s) and the drill press while I was there, and then the router and chop saw once I got back home.  I am still hopeful that this project will come out the way I imagined, so that’s good.  Another day or two and I think I could have all the pieces together!


2 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. Oh, and the neglect of my motorcycle continues :-/ Next weekend you stay in Boston I am promising I will do it though…

  2. Perhaps if I had a nice new camera, I wouldn’t have the glare from the flash :-/ Although if I had an unbroken screen I could have reviewed it and tried again… Anyhow, it says “DELTA MILWAUKEE” in case you were wondering. That’s the drill press.

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