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Rodeos and OS’s

This is a picture of me trying on a silly pink kid cowgirl hat at the rodeo. I tried to get pictures of the actual bull riding and other events, but my camera isn’t that great at night or for action shots :-/ so none of them came out clear or bright. Oh, but notice, in this picture, the tiny little kid in the back left. He had his button up tucked into his jeans, and these tiny little cowboy boots with spurs, and that tiny cowboy hat. He was so cute.

Then I thought it was funny that I have my mac laptop, my windows work laptop, and a linux box all in my room. Operating systems hanging out…..  [nerd alert]


This is a picture of the mares and foals I told you I always drive by on the work. You can see some of them, but there are a lot more than I could get in this picture.

This is a picture of the buildings at RightNow. I’m in the one that’s furthest left, but you can’t really see it, because there’s a climbing building in front of it.