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Mom Packs a Mean Lunch

This was where we stopped near the top of Blackmore for lunch. You hike up to the saddle and then all along that ridge there. We met some people at the top who for some reason just hadn’t packed lunches, and since my mom always packs a crazy amount of food, I offered them the chips and the granola bar I had left over, and my mom gave them her trail mix. We found out later my dad has his trail mix left over, too, but he was being selfish and didn’t give it to them. Sheesh. 


There’s a food thief on my floor at work.

Haha whoever it is took my carrots one day. When I went to get my lunch out yesterday, one guy just stood and watched me, and then asked, “Are you the food thief?” I couldn’t tell if he was serious or joking.

They even made a fake camera by putting a plastic clear cup inside of a piece of an old monitor:

My boss’ office mate told me for a while I was a prime suspect, because it began happening a month ago, about when I started working. They even made a flow chart to help you know if you are the food thief: