Adirondack Adventures (7)

Last night was the coldest yet, and this morning had us looking forward to summer when it wouldn’t be so difficult to leave our sleeping bags.  Eventually, we made it out, though, and heated up some coffee and oatmeal before saying goodbye to Jellystone.

On our way out, we seized the opportunity for a picture in the Yogi Bear Express. Shortly after the picture was taken I was politely asked to disembark.

A few miles down the road we followed up our minimalist breakfast with cherry donuts, cheddar snack mix, and a cream cheese brownie, from the Adirondack buffalo farm stand.

“Buffalo in NY?”

 The farm stand owner warned us about the climb ahead, and he was correct.  We continued upward for a few miles, but the rest of the day was rolling hills under clear blue skies. The views were fantastic and the sun was shining, but it was still cold and windy.

We took rest in a Newcomb park around noon, where we watched a young family trying to fly an Olaf kite (Olaf is the snowman from Disney’s Frozen) which seemed appropriate given the temperature.  There weren’t many options for food, so we stopped for cheeseburgers at a local watering hole and felt a bit out of place.

Later on, we supplemented lunch with snacks from a Stewart’s, where we encountered another another touring cyclist.  He was only out for a weekend, but had done a cross country tour years ago with his father so we were interested to hear his thoughts.

Our first wildlife encounter was this guy, who stared at us for a bit before trotting off into the woods.

We passed many lovely lakes late in the day, but the sky was starting to look rather ominous so we never hung around long.

We called it quits at Raquette Lake, where we made pasta and took well-deserved showers before drifting off to sleep.

Trip Stats, to date (Day 7)

  • North Hudson, NY to Raquette Lake, NY
  • Daily mileage: 55.4mi; Trip total: 400.4mi
  • Daily riding time: 5hr 20min; Trip total: 35hr 30min
  • Daily ascent: 4,062ft; Trip total: 24,971ft

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