Accent nail

Accent nailYou were right, accent nails are fun 🙂  Next time I go rafting I’ll hafta wear gloves, or cut my nails beforehand… or just be more careful!

Speaking of rafting though, we should do one of the rivers in Maine when we get a chance.  The one near Katahdin (the Penobscot) is supposed to be really awesome, but pretty extreme.  Corey really wants to do it sometime.  Compared to that, it sounds like our trip down the Deerfield river would just be a warm-up.

2 thoughts on “Accent nail”

  1. I’m sure someone saw, but no one mentioned it. It stays down. It only came up completely right at first. While rafting, I got it taped down and then when I took the tape off afterwards, it was stuck down and I didn’t want to try to pull it up again because it was really sore and seemed like it had sorta re-attached.

  2. Gross! That looks like it was terribly painful. Did anyone at work notice it? does it stay put, or flap off sometimes?

    I’d be down to do that river in Maine! Sounds like a lot of fun.

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