1st Ride 2014!

Chris’s Bike Computer Mileage (EOY 2013)
Road Bike: 349 mi
Mountain Bike: 2,130 mi

Rachel’s Bike Computer Mileage (EOY 2013)
Road Bike: 234 mi
Mountain Bike: N/A


Ride Deets – “Hogsback Loop from Home”

  • 20.64 miles
  • 1,925 ft
  • 1 hour, 35 mins
  • 13.04 mph average

Thanks for coming down this weekend, and going on this ride with me 🙂  I’m really looking forward to a lot more later this year, plus the charity rides we’re planning to do!!  If it’s cold next time we ride, I’ll give you the big shoe covers and use the toe covers for myself so hopefully your feet don’t freeze!

Also, I’m excited to see how many miles we ride in total this year, now that we have a reference point.

5 thoughts on “1st Ride 2014!”

  1. Total mileage on my roadbike as of 4/1/15 (before 1st ride) was 1,868…. so that means I put 1,519 miles on it in 2014. I wasn’t able to get a number from my mountain bike because I crashed and broke the computer mount, and then rode a bunch without it. I would assume 250mi on that though, and 500mi on my touring bike… for a total of ~2,250 mi. After I wrote this out I checked Map my ride and I had posted 2,251 miles total for 2014… so I’d say I’m definitely in the ballpark. I’m expecting to blow that number out of the water in 2015 though…. 😉

      1. Har har, you funny. I fixed it to say 2014 like it should have. I’m surprised I made that mistake twice in a row and didn’t catch it!

    1. you’re welcome 🙂 it wasn’t easy, but i wanted to make the post complete… so i journeyed into the basement to retrieve the number from your bike computer, and then performed the painstaking calculation of total miles on your computer (254) minus the miles from this ride (20)

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