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The Sierras (83)

Today, we had some exciting and intimidating activities to look forward to. One of the primary reasons that we wanted to enter California so far south was so that we could experience the giant Sequoia trees. In order to get to them, though, we had to climb up to over 7,000 feet again. 

We stopped for some coffee and muffins in Kernville this morning. It seems like a cool little town, with plenty of eateries, inns, and small shops catering to outdoor sports enthusiasts. The Kern River appears to be a great spot to fish, raft, and kayak. 

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No Walkers (82)

The air conditioning was not working at the hotel, which made it difficult to sleep before 10PM. That did not bode well for us, since we had to wake up at midnight. In addition, I awoke to a flat rear tire which I had to patch before we could leave.

I struggled to keep my eyes open for the first hour, until we started climbing.  Soon after, the sun started shining, which helped wake us up.

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