Bozeman Part III: Storm Castle

  • So warm and dry for March
  • We forgot bear spray and didn’t see any bears (phew!)
  • We got Chippy McChipMunk to eat out of my hand (even though he rejected the nut after he took it, putting it down and scrambling away)
  • So. Many. Ticks! Thank goodness we didn’t contract Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Scenes from the hike:

Real women wear backwards fanny packs:
Castle Rock 1

Castle Rock 2Real men have thick beards, wear Forsake, and use zip-off pants:

Castle Rock 3Don’t fall off!

Castle Rock 4Oh, you just flew up from the parking lot?

Castle Rock 5Oh, I forgot to mention, real men have really hairy legs.

Castle Rock 6

Castle Rock 7

Castle Rock 8 Gotta have that beer on the porch post-hike:

Front Porch 1

Front Porch 2Goodbye, sun.


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